Since 1996, Working Solutions has provided customer service excellence by offering technology solutions and an educated, experienced, and motivated remote agent workforce. Our ability to listen to our clients and our knowledgeable management team enables us to create the right solution that meets the needs of our clients and the marketplace. The Working Solutions concept is relatively simple: take the traditional “bricks and mortar” call center and open the recruiting pool to the “world”.

Working Solutions leveraged new developments in the past few years - increased computer processing power, broadband availability at the residence level, carrier-based network-grade ACD, IVR and speech facilities, commoditized long distance, IP enabled hosted CRM applications, and an increasingly dedicated high quality workforce - to offer virtually every service available through a traditional contact center, but “better, faster, and cheaper.”

The Company’s mission is to achieve the highest level of consumer satisfaction and build customer loyalty by delivering superior quality, cost-effective customer solutions through our experienced remote agent community and proprietary technology.


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