Other services offered by Working Solutions™ include:

Distance Learning OnDemand™ - Working Solutions’ Distance Learning OnDemand™ is a solution to provide course design, methods of instruction, and facilitation for a virtual learning/educating experience. Our methodologies and course design help agents retain information and increases their ability to be utilized. Training costs can be reduced by up to 30%.

Business Continuity Planning and Support™ - Working Solutions has call center systems and infrastructures immediately available to help corporations maintain their business operations in times of need due to unforeseen disaster. Solutions can be implemented within a 24-hour period to help minimize loss of productivity and revenues.

Virtual ACD & IVR Services - Working Solutions provides customers the means to support their call center activities without any additional infrastructure or equipment costs. We can support customer needs with our in-house network of secure, advanced technology systems.

Real-time Transcription Services™ - Working Solutions provides agents who are skilled at real-time transcription, ensuring accuracy and efficiency of data. Our agents have an average of seven years experience to better help our customers receive timely and accurate information. “Real-time” transcription turn-around allows more efficiencies in data input, saving time and costs.


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