Working Solutions™ utilizes highly educated and trained professionals with knowledge of the most common industry systems. With around-the-clock access to more than 76,000 agents, Working Solutions provides customers the flexibility and scalability to ramp up staffing needs quickly – truly living up to the name, Agents OnDemand™.


Sales Agents OnDemand™ - Working Solutions’ Sales Agents OnDemand™ are seasoned call center professionals experienced in sales techniques and methodologies that increase overall revenues and productivity. The average sales agent has more than 5 years of sales experience and these agents can increase sales conversions by up to 30%.

Service Agents OnDemand™ - Working Solutions’ Service Agents OnDemand™ are educated, professional contact center agents experienced in problem solving and solutions–matching skills to aid industries in increasing their end-customer satisfaction. These agents average 8.5 years of experience and have knowledge of specific products and industries that helps you deploy them quickly and reduces the number of repeat calls for resolution.

Specialized Agents OnDemand™ - Working Solutions’ Specialized Agents OnDemandTM are professional contact center agents experienced in industries that require specialized, unique needs. These agents already have knowledge of specialized software, policies, and procedures which will reduce training time and capital investments to make agents compliant.


Healthcare Agents OnDemand™ - Working Solutions’ Healthcare Agents OnDemand™ are skilled professionals with healthcare industry specific knowledge and background to ensure compliance and efficiency to the end customer. Many of the agents are LPNs, RNs, and medical students, and their background and knowledge reduces content learning curves and generates confidence in your products and services.

Technical Agents OnDemand™ - Working Solutions’ Technical Support Agents OnDemand™ are seasoned call center professionals experienced in a wide-range of industries to provide accurate, timely resolutions for customers. The industry knowledge of our agents reduces average call time to provide resolution, thereby reducing overall call center costs.

Travel Agents OnDemand™ - Working Solutions' Travel Agents OnDemand™ are experienced travel agents that have a firm background in the travel industry as well as a strong familiarity with industry software in order to provide the best service to the end customer. Because many of our agents are already trained on industry-standard software such as Sabre and Worldspan, training time can be reduced by up to 30%, quickly increasing their utilization.


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